Why and how of endlesswips.com

Like most people, I'm much better at starting projects than finishing them. Unlike most work projects, hobby projects often have no deadlines, pressure, or concrete deliverables. It's nice to be able to work on whatever is most interesting but this philosophy leaves a lot of partially completed projects in wake.

This is site is a virtual journal of sorts, for publicly cataloguing many of the works-in-progress (WIPS). Works that have been started but will probably never be completed.


Don't interpret that as a dump of a website filled with a bunch of half-baked, broken, nonsense. Many of these projects are production-ready. The reason these WIPS remain WIPS is because each of them has more potential. I'd always like to have the opportunity to revisit them. Documenting their current state helps me keep thoughts organized and provides the ability to pick up right where I left off should I decide to do so.

I work on whatever I think is the most interesting at the time. So there is no limitation as far as what topics will be covered (Finance, Programming, Games, Family, Sports, etc.).

The pages on this site will be continuously updated as more is done on each WIP.

Because WIPS are always in flux, I reserve the right to change and update, even drastically, any pages on this site.


The site is built using Gatsby.js and hosted on Github Pages


Just send an email to the anything at the domain endlesswips.com. It doesn't matter what you put before the @ symbol, as long as you put something, it all comes to my inbox for now.


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